Curated Exhibitions

Hope is a discipline (2023), Co-Curator

Photography: Nikola Lamburov

An exhibition inhabiting Mariame Kaba’s concept of “hope” as a project of communal labor. Taking Kaba’s words as a cue, Hope is a discipline at de Appel (Amsterdam) brought together people who research the politics friendship or are stewarding solidarity initiatives in their communities. The exhibition took shape as a series of artist-organized gatherings, with the de Appel auditorium transformed into an expansive living room.
Co-Curators: Marina Chistodoulidou, Billy Fowo, Jean-Michel Mabruki Mussa, Eugene Hannah Park
Artists & Guests: Arts Collaboratory, Jihan El Tahri, Ola Hassanain, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, other indias, Metro54, Sadia Shirazi & Constantina Zavitsanos, Tropical Tap Water, among others

Exhibition Text
Brochure (PDF)

How to radicalise curatorial practices,” Metropolis M 

Tamar Ettun: How To Trap A Demon (2022), Curator

Photography: Yann Chashanovski

Tamar Ettun: How to Trap A Demon at SUNY Purchase Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery (Purchase), built on the Ettun’s research into the insidious side of empathy, trauma-healing modalities, and astrology as storytelling. The exhibition featured a large body of ceramics, textiles, and sculptures produced throughout the artist’s Windgate Residency at SUNY Purchase. Focusing on the artist’s retelling of Lilith mythology, the exhibition asked us to consider whose stories, memories, and experiences are occluded in the process of demonization.Artist: Tamar Ettun

Exhibition Text
Press Release (PDF)

Tamar Ettun Demonstrates How To Trap A Demon,”  Whitewall

TITLE TBD (2020), Curator

Photography: Yann Chashanovski

TITLE TBD at The Cleveland Institute of Art Reinberger Gallery (Cleveland) looked to artists and culture workers surviving a precarious arts ecosystem — viewing failure as a seed to reimagine artistic communities, from strategies of peer support to building a solidarity economy. The project is indebted to the pocket publication by Triple Candie, Letters to a Young Artist, in which a recent art school graduate asks: “Is it possible to maintain one's integrity and freedom of thought and still participate in the art world?" 
Artists: ⚙️️Admin, Adult Kindergarten, Thomas Barger, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, GenderFail, Jeff Kasper, Ariane Loze, Natalia Nakazawa, Emily Mae Smith

Exhibition Text

“Cleveland Institute of Art’s TITLE TBD show surveys artists’ survival strategies in an age of anxiety,” Cleveland Plain Dealer

Reinberger’s TITLE TBD takes on new meaning, post-COVID,” CAN Journal

The Doubtful Host (2019), Co-Curator

Pauline Lavogez & Théo Médina, De la douceur (performance), 2019.

What is it that curators seek to repair when they say that “hosting” and “care” is part of their practice? Can relationship modes exist that are non-transactional, that promote the autonomy of all parties, or anti-oppressive frameworks? The project opened Penthouse Art Residency (Brussels) as a site to expand on these questions; a historic penthouse curatorial space that from 2014-2019, was both a guest of the hotel NH Brussels Bloom, and a host to a changing roster of international artists and curators.
Co-Curator: Gatien Du Bois
Artists: Haunted Cerebral, Maja Ćiric, Ariane Loze, Niamh McCann, Pauline Lavogez & Théo Médina

Notable Program
Reading Room #7: Guest-Host Relations 

Apparatus 2.0: Nespolehlivá knihovna / The Unreliable Library (2018), Co-Curator

Taking place in the reconstructed library at Foundation and Center for Contemporary Art (Prague), Apparatus 2.0: The Unreliable Library reflects on how we gather research and build knowledge about culture, and on the library as a space for slow processes of contemplation and discovery — by facilitating long-distance collaborations between artists in New York and Prague. Some questions posed by participants are: What sense do we make of a decentralized, unsystematic, and unreliable library? Is art practice an apparatus to distract us from mortality? What does an Eastern-Western diary of the past look like? Is knowledge built (like a tower) or excavated (from a pit)? What is art the solution for? This exhibition expanded on Apparatus for a Utopian Image (2016) at EFA Project Space (New York). 
Co-Curators: Tereza Jindrová & Michelle Levy
Artists: Matěj Al-Ali, Keren Benbenisty, Tyler Coburn, David Court, Sean Fader, Kara Hearn, Zebadiah Keneally, Alena Kotzmannová, Tomáš Moravec, Freya Powell, Markéta Othová, Elisabeth Smolarz, Magda Stanová, Tomáš Svoboda, Dannielle Tegeder, Jiří Thýn

Exhibition Texts
Curatorial Statement (PDF)
Artist Project Statements (PDF)

Progeny! (2018), Assistant Curator

Photography: Sebastian Bach

Progeny! at EFA Project Space (New York) took as its premise the bilateral relationships of influence, genetics, and interdependence within artistic families. Pairing a group of contemporary artists with their artist-parents, the exhibition questioned conventional ideas about creative inheritance.
Co-Curators: David Levine, Prem Krishnamurthy, and Michelle Levy
Artists: Carlos Amorales & Carlos Aguirre, Julian Hoeber & Ditta Baron Hoeber, Liz Magic Laser & Wendy Osserman, David Levine & Anne-Marie Levine, Nandi Loaf & Jean Patrick Icart-Pierre, Rosalind Nashashibi, Jacolby Satterwhite & Patricia Satterwhite, Daniel Terna & Fred Terna, Hank Willis Thomas & Deborah Willis

Exhibition Text
Press Release (PDF)

Opening Performance
Wendy Osserman, After Not Letting Go, 2017
Video: Liz Magic Laser